Sellout.Woot! – Refurbished Slingbox SOLO just $84.99

Slingbox SOLO A great deal today from Sellout.Woot, a refurbished Slingbox SOLO for $79.99 + $5 S&H. The Slingbox SOLO has a full MSRP of $179.99, and Amazon sells it for $148.00, so this is a substantial savings.

The SOLO will accept and pass through HD content via component video, though it only streams up to 640×480. But that’s not really a problem if you’re streaming to a phone or a tablet, you really won’t notice the difference. Besides, to stream HD from a Slingbox PRO-HD you need at least 1.5Mbps, and 3Mbps is recommended.

I have a Slingbox SOLO fed from my secondary TiVo in my bedroom and a Slingbox PRO-HD fed from my TiVo Series3 in the living room. When streaming to a mobile device you really don’t see a difference. Sling has SlingPlayer Mobile available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry OS, Palm OS, and Symbian. (They used to have one for Windows Mobile, but oddly I no longer see that listed.) Of course they also have it for Windows & Mac OS.

And SlingPlayer for Connected Devices is also coming for Boxee and Google TV, and possibly other devices as well. Pair up a Slingbox with the newly reduced in price Logitech Revue (also available bundled with a camera) and stream to another room in your home.

Get your Slingbox SOLO cheap before they sellout. Because once a Sellout.Woot deal sells through the available stock, it is over for good.

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