“This is your universe. This, is your universe on wormholes.” Farscape Hits Blu-ray

Amazon Logo Nearly nine years after the fact I am still pissed with SciFi… sorry, ugh, SyFy… for cancelling Farscape back in 2002. It remains one of my favorite TV series of all time, in any genre. And it is coming to Blu-ray November 15th. Well, most of it is – the first four seasons. The Peacekeeper Wars, the bone SyFy threw the fans to wrap up the loose ends they left by cancelling Season 5, hasn’t been slated for Blu-ray yet.

You can pre-order a box set of the complete seasons 1-4 for $139.99 (30% off the $199.95 MSRP), or you can pre-order individual sets for seasons one, two, three, and four for $48.99 each (also 30% off the $69.95 MSRP). And remember Amazon has pre-order price protection – if the price drops at any point before release you’ll get it for the lowest price, even if it increases again before the release date.

I’m sorely tempted by this, but I already have the complete series (including PK Wars) on DVD. Maybe I’ll put it on my Amazon Wishlist… but HD… must resist!

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