TiVo Slide Remote Now Just $43 At Amazon

TiVo Slide Remote The TiVo Slide Remote, with its hidden QWERTY keyboard, is great for any text entry on the TiVo. I have one that I use with my Series3 and I love it. But it was hard to recommend to others due to its insane $89.99 MSRP! Given that the TiVo Premiere is now just $99.99 itself, a remote that is only $10 less than the complete unit just seemed kind of excessive. I guess TiVo thought so to – because they’ve dropped the MSRP by $30 to $59.99. But, even better, Amazon is now selling it for $43.18!

It isn’t just the keyboard, since the remote uses Bluetooth it works without a clear line of site or needing to point the remote at the TiVo. And, like the TiVo Glo remotes, this remote is also a learning remote so you don’t have to worry about the code for your TV or A/V receiver not being pre-programmed. I really think TiVo should be bundling this remote in with the Premiere, at the very least the Premiere XL, as QWERTY remotes are increasingly common with STB and connected TVs that handle Over-The-Top (OTT) content. But until they do, at least the cost of acquiring one is a lot lower now. Note that this remote works with the TiVo Series3, TiVo HD, and TiVo Premiere – but not the TiVo Series1 or Series2.

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