Popular TiVo HME App Galleon Hits 2.5.4

Coming just two months after the release of 2.5.3, Galleon 2.5.4 was released Tuesday. According to the release notes:

This version includes the following:

Version 2.5.4:
* Fix ToGo looping bug on null recording date (1811137)
* Added user-selectable range for local radar image (100, 300, 600 miles) in Weather
* auto-subdirectory publishing for GoBack, avoids the need to do it yourself and also avoids bugs in TiVo folder navigation in older TiVo service releases (Series 3 and HD should be OK without this).
(Probably needs some work to handle DOS shortcuts; should be OK on UNIX and OS X.)

* XML parsing of recording meta-data for non-Galleon-created video files in GoBack areas. e.g. if you post-process .TiVo files into .mpg, just put the XML output containing the show details, in the same format as it comes from the TiVo, into a .xml file with the same prefix. If you use tivodecode to unwrap .TiVo files, the metadata are in the -02-0002.xml file generated with the -D (dump-metadata) option.

* Enabled store-by-show handling in GoBack server (available on GoBack preferences pane).
* Fix for linux Makefile (1815568) and init script for distro independence

Known problems:
* not all galleon skins in HD cover the screen–use tivo skins
* still some layout glitches in HD
* still some HD menu highlights are too big for text

Versions for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux can be downloaded from SourceForge.

Galleon is one of the, if not the, longest running TiVo HME applications, actually stemming from pre-HME days as JavaHMO. It packs a lot of features into one application and really enhances the TiVo experience.

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