TiVoCast Adds Internet Superstar and Tekzilla

Now this is more like it! It certainly makes up for the last two channels that were added. ;-) I’ve been asking for Tekzilla for a while. (OK, since Veronica Belmont left Mahalo Daily to co-host Tekzilla.) I’m not as keen on Internet Superstar, but I’ll still subscribe.

It is nice to see that I called this one back in May when I speculated that TiVo was working on some kind of deal to bring Revision3 content to TiVoCast:

Still no TekZilla in Web Video. I’m starting to suspect that the hold-up is that TiVo is working some larger deal to bring Revision3 content into TiVoCast instead of via Web Video. One of the reasons I suspect that is that Revision3 just recently announced an agreement to bring their content to DivX Connected devices. And all of Revision3’s shows are available in HD, so they’d make fantastic additions to the TiVoCast lineup for the Series3 and TiVo HD.

Unfortunately, while the TiVoCast encodes do look very good, they’re not in HD. Since all Revision3 content is available in HD, that really would be killer for TiVoCast on the Series3 and HD. Other Revision3 shows, like Systm and popSiren are in the standard TiVo Web Video list in their HD versions. It takes a while for a PC to transcode the HD shows, but they do look great in HD on the TiVo. I have to admit I’d rather have the decent SD versions in TiVoCast in lieu of the HD versions via TiVo Web Video, just to avoid the mess of the PC transcode, but HD via TiVoCast would just be the optimal solution. I hope TiVo is working on that, allowing S3 & HD users to get the HD version of TiVoCast content when it is available. That is a logical progression from what we have today.

Anyway, to focus on today’s additions, Internet Superstar is described as:

Join Martin and Gator as they invite the online world’s most popular, compelling and outrageous characters into the shed to swap stories about what life is like at the top of the online heap. What life is like as an INTERNET SUPERSTAR

As you probably know by now, you can subscribe online or on your TiVo via Find Programs & Downloads -> Download TV, Movies, & Web Video -> Browse Other Videos -> All -> Internet Superstar.

And Tekzilla is described thusly:

Embrace digital technology. Join the Tekzilla crew and make your tech work better for you. Or you can go live in the woods with an axe. Every Saturday, Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont deliver product reviews, computer help, tech tips on everything from iPods to camcorders, HD to the Internet, plus do it yourself projects.

Of course, you can subscribe online or on your TiVo via Find Programs & Downloads -> Download TV, Movies, & Web Video -> Browse Other Videos -> All -> Tekzilla.

I hope that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that we’ll be seeing the rest of the Revision3 lineup available through TiVoCast. They have some really good content, I’m currently subscribed to The GigaOm Show, popSiren, and Systm through TiVo Web Video. And if I didn’t have to go through that transcoding mess, if I could just sign up for TiVoCast direct downloads, I’d pick up a few more of their shows.

Well, technically they do already have another Revision3 show in TiVoCast – EPIC-FU. But Revision3 just acquired EPIC-FU on June 6th and it has been a part of TiVoCast for a long time now, so that’s a special case.

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