TiVoCast Adds Golf Tips and Vogue.TV

TiVo is rapidly expanding their TiVoCast lineup, which is great, but they really, really need to do something to notify their users of all these new channels. I’d bet most users don’t check the lineup that often and don’t realize all the channels that have been added as of late. They should do an on-box message when they add new channels – at least do one once a month with a list of the new TiVoCast channels, new Web Video selections, and anything else that has been added in the past month, like any new HME applications. They need to do more to draw the average user in, and not just obsessive geeks like myself who keep checking manually – and those of you reading this right now.

So, right, this time there are two new items in TiVoCast. The first is Golf Tips, which is more fully Golf Tips with Joe Beck. This is yet another channel from ON Networks, as most of the recent additions have been.

Golf Tips is a show that will make your drive longer, your putts more accurate, and your game better. PGA Professional Golf Instructor Joe Beck drives home tips and advice on the links with humor and a determined eye to make viewers’ games better. From Hook Shots to the Rockport Stinger, Joe can help.

Subscribe online or on your TiVo via Find Programs & Downloads -> Download TV, Movies, & Web Video -> Browse Other Videos -> All -> Golf Tips

And the other channel is Vogue.TV, which comes, unsurprisingly, from Vogue magazine. From their FAQ:

Vogue.TV allows consumers to shop the advertising pages of Vogue and watch original video programming developed with our advertisers. Users are able to browse and buy products featured in the advertising pages of Vogue and in episodes of original programming.

Subscribe online or on your TiVo via Find Programs & Downloads -> Download TV, Movies, & Web Video -> Browse Other Videos -> All -> Vogue.TV

I’m sure we’ll be seeing more channels soon.

Now where is Tekzilla?

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  • Rich W.

    I’ve always thought they should have a “New TivoCasts” TiVoCast channel. Where when a new TiVoCast is launched the first episode would come through the New TiVoCasts channel. That way we would know when new ones were released and could get a sample episode to determine if we like it. I also hope they are working on the reliability of the current TiVoCasts before adding tons more.