DVRupgrade’s Top Ten Reasons To Buy A High-Def TiVo

DVRupgrade posted their “Top Ten Reasons To Buy a TiVo Series3 or TiVo HD DVR“, and that got me thinking about what I’d put on my list. I agree with most of their list, but not all of it. For example, I’m not a big user of TiVoToGo, in fact I hardly ever use it. While I do regularly transfer video to my TiVo, I prefer Slingbox over TiVoToGo for accessing my content remotely. Likewise I use my Slingbox for remote scheduling and really never use the web for that. And, being a single guy who lives alone, KidZone is of no use to me. Conversely, I use the various Internet features so much and value them so highly that I probably would’ve listed things like TiVoCast, TiVo Web Video, HME applications, etc, separately instead of as one entry. And since they’re talking about the Series3 and TiVo HD in particular, I’d've mentioned the HD content.

How about you? How would your top ten list compare to theirs?

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  • hemo_jr

    Hmmm, as far as I can tell all those reasons apply to the series 2 TiVos as well (and many with series 1). The reason to go to a series 3/HD is to be able to record and view HD content — as well as do all the other things.

    They did miss a few of my top ten reasons to go with TiVo.
    – TiVo will tell you why something did not get recorded
    – TiVo will list what it expects to record so you can check it with what you expect it to record
    – TiVo has a wishlist et al that allows you to search and record from a two week database of programming information
    – dual tuners (I dumped my SA DVRs as soon as I found out that TiVo had models out with dual tuners as well)

  • h0mi

    “Watch your favorite shows anywhere you are or wherever you go…”

    Unless you have a cable card and the channel is protected. (sigh).

  • Glenn

    Mostly agree with their list actually, except that I think the music and photos interfaces are lackluster and have switched to my Apple TV for that completely now. Personally I use Tivo2Go quite a bit, mostly just to put Attack of the Show on my iPod, but sometimes for other stuff…