A Possible Second Chance At The TiVo HD Giveaway – NOPE!

Just minutes after I posted this I got an email from Gerry. Seems he was out of town for the weekend and hadn’t caught up on his email – but he was catching up on his blogs, and he saw this post. So, sorry, Gerry is getting his TiVo HD – well, he said it is for his mom (that’s very nice, isn’t it?) – so there won’t be a second drawing.

Well, this is kind of unexpected. I haven’t heard from the TiVo HD giveaway winner, GerryL. I emailed him (I’m assuming a he given the name) immediately after I selected the winner. Then again on Monday. And just now I emailed saying if I didn’t hear back by 8PM Eastern tonight I was going to have to select another winner, as the TiVo Rewards Program ends tomorrow and I don’t want the points going to waste. I did warn in the contest post that if I couldn’t contact the winner I’d have to select another.

So, GerryL has just over four hours in which to contact me or he forfeits the TiVo HD and it goes to someone else. I certainly hope the new winner is watching their email, as the program official ends at 11:59PM ET tomorrow, May 28, 2008. So I think I’ll give the second winner, if drawn, until noon to get back to me. And then I’ll have to draw a third, and if the third, if drawn, doesn’t get back to me by 8PM I’ll just give up and give it to a friend or something rather than see the points go to waste.

I really never expected it to come to this, and I hope it doesn’t – four more hours.

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  • Brian Purcell

    Too bad for GerryL, but good news for the rest of us. I for one will be keeping an eye on my email, including junk since that sometimes happens.