Site Upgrades

Overnight I upgraded the site to the latest version of WordPress, 2.5.1, as well as updating a slew of the plug-ins. (If you run a WordPress site, you owe it to yourself to check out Admin Drop Down Menus. I can’t recommend it enough.) If you notice any issues, please let me know. Thanks.

PS. Don’t forget the Style Selector in the upper-right for those of you who dislike the green-on-black color scheme.

About MegaZone

MegaZone is the Editor of Gizmo Lovers and the chief contributor. He's been online since 1989 and active in several generations of 'social media' - mailing lists, USENet groups, web forums, and since 2003, blogging.    MegaZone has a presence on several social platforms: Google+ / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / LiveJournal / Web.    You can also follow Gizmo Lovers on other sites: Blog / Google+ / Facebook / Twitter.
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  • Alex

    Thanks for the recommendation on the WP plugin. Now if only I could find time to blog :) .

  • Dave Zatz

    Yeah, I’ve been meaning to check that out. Though I did upgrade my site to PHP5 over the weekend and added two new plugins. Sounds like the gallery reorder one may end up in the core code. I still haven’t put the caching plugin in (less motivation since MediaTemple wants me on the higher-tier plan for a month or so before reevaluating things), may just wait for WP 2.6. I noticed the mobile plugin was updated, but didn’t see a changelog – is this a fix of the bug you reported MZ?

  • MegaZone

    I don’t think the 2.1.1 update to WP Mobile Edition made it cache friendly, looks like a minor tweak to 2.1.