New Dish Network DVRs – Including Integrated Slingbox!

Dish Network just held a ‘Team Summit’ and some interesting news is making its way out. posted a report from the General Assembly which includes an overview of upcoming Dish Network DVRs, including what I think is the most interesting – the 722s, with built-in Slingbox!

Then Mark and Leslie introduce something that blows me away… The 722s. Its a 722 with Sling technology built in. Besides having Slingbox technology built in it also has Clip and sling which will let you send clips to friends. The 722s has a totally new interface, it has a guide with channel logos plus a totally new UHF remote, which features a touchpad and a trigger below it. This s a amazing unit. The front of the 722s also features al touch technology with no buttons and is backlit instead of using LCD’s. They are looking at having 1TB drive at launch, however 500 GB will be used by Dish and the DVR will come loaded with name HD movies preloaded on the drive. The 722s also has a built in browser (although Jackson said it will only go to certain sites and will be tightly integrated with Yahoo.)

But it is more than just a Slingbox with Clip+Sling – it is a SlingCatcher too!

Out comes Sling CEO Blake Kerkorian and he talks about the Slingbox and talks a little more about the 722s. The 722 will be able to do Clip & Sling and Slingcatcher, plus it will be able to run more applications as well.

So it is a Dish PVR, Slingbox, and SlingCatcher all in one. And from a follow-up post in that thread, it will be an HD Slingbox, like the upcoming Slingbox PRO-HD.

This isn’t really surprising in general, since EchoStar purchased Sling Media last year, but I think this is the first time we’ve heard of this as a real product and not just speculation. And being a SlingCatcher too wasn’t something I’d seen discussed before. The built in web browser is interesting, though it is a shame they have it restricted. (And I’d presume that only works for boxes connected to broadband, same with the Slingbox capability.)

That’s not all they talked about at the summit. The 700MHz spectrum Dish picked up at auction recently was mentioned, unsurprisingly, as a carrier for Dish Mobile. So you’ll be able to access Dish Network content in your car, on your boat, etc.

There are other new Dish STBs as well, the 222k and 722k lack OTA tuners, but a tuner module can be added. And apparently the module provides dual OTA tuners, instead of the single OTA tuner in today’s ViP722. And the tuner module also adds an RF modulator so you can distribute the output through the home over existing coaxial cable on channel 2 or 3. As well as some new two-way remotes, which apparently can store all of your DVR settings and resend them to a new box if you have to have your STB replaced.

Check out the thread at for all the details.

Disclaimer: I’m currently employed by Sling Media, which is owned by EchoStar.

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  • RandomRage

    Heh, did you scoop Zatz on this? Pretty funny considering his employer. :)

  • MegaZone

    Note that Dave and I both work for Sling Media. :-) But I got this from – not internally. I know Dave is on the road right now too.

  • Dave Zatz

    Nope, not scooped – I was there at the event along Scott of However, we’re not elaborating at this time and scoops are always saved for other blogs. Not to mention, I was pre-occupied with other responsibilities:


  • marte

    Wow — this would be quite a box. It would take a lot to leave my Tivos but this could do it!

  • Sam

    When is this DVR scheduled to go on sale? tks

  • MegaZone

    Later this year, I believe.

  • jayh

    hello i just got this box yesterday and in the manual it says nothing about a slingbox support anywhere.

    so how can you find out if you have it or not?
    i have the 722k

  • MegaZone

    You don’t have Slingbox features, they aren’t in the 722k.

  • jayh

    well that sucks it is supposed to be the new box.
    i know the 922 that is coming out will have sling built into it.