Are BD-Live Capable Blu-ray Decks The Next Broadband STB?

Korean company Dreamer yesterday announced their BIDDLE™ Technology, which appears to be a BD-Live based platform for Blu-ray players to act as broadband content set-top boxes. The BIDDLE technology is currently used by over one million customers in Korea where it is used by #1 IPTV provider Korea Telecom and #1 cable MSO CJ CableNet. Checking out the website, it really looks like quiet an interesting platform, above and beyond the conventional BD-Live content we’ve seen announced to date, or the online content HD DVD used to have. It looks like it could really be a content delivery platform to turn any BD-Live enabled device into a receiver for broadband content.

Here’s Dreamer’s press release:

May 6, 2008 11:00 ET

Introducing BIDDLE™ Technology: Transforming Blu-Ray Disc Players Into Global HD Set-Top Boxes

- Dreamer Opens CA Office to Promote its BD-Live Software, Allowing Continual Update of Interactive, Customized Content to Consumers’ TV Screens -

BURBANK, Calif., May 6 /PRNewswire/ — Dreamer, a Korean-based leader in developing interactive TV-related platforms, announced today that it has opened an office in Burbank, CA in order to better serve Hollywood-based customers of its patented BIDDLE technology, which is currently in use by over one million subscribers in Korea.

Dreamer’s BIDDLE technology is a software platform that makes it possible for content creators and distributors to deliver customized, interactive programming and services directly to consumers’ living room TVs, via a networked Blu-ray Disc player (BD Live) or a PlayStation® 3 gaming console.

With BIDDLE technology, the possibilities for interactive content and services are virtually endless, including video/audio on demand (VOD), product catalogs, e-commerce, casual gaming, social networking, advertising, web portals and much more. All of these can be personalized by geographic region or even by specific players.

“BIDDLE technology is designed to be an efficient, turn-key solution for any company that is ready to enter the interactive TV era,” said Dr. Won Baek, CEO/President of Dreamer.

Added Dr. Baek: “For content creators and distributors, BIDDLE technology presents an easy to deploy solution backed by real-world operational experience, which allows them to continually update and add new content and services, thus keeping their customers coming back for new experiences. From a consumer standpoint, BIDDLE technology is ‘invisible’, turning their Blu-ray Disc player into a global HD set-top box.”

The BIDDLE code pulls the content and services from a central server, allowing every application to load as fast as today’s web pages, thus making it easy for consumers to browse, search and watch interactive content on their TV screens.

“BIDDLE technology is the only BD-Live solution available that allows content providers to continually update and add new applications and services that consumers can access via the same Blu-ray disc, even years after the disc has been released,” said Jim Braun, CEO, Namsung America, an exclusive sales and marketing agent for the BIDDLE technology in North America.

Added Braun: “We anticipate that many U.S. movie studios and broadcasters will see the limitless possibilities that this technology provides in terms of building their brands, enhancing their customers’ experiences, and offering additional revenue streams for their companies.”

About Dreamer: Dreamer is a leader in converged broadcasting and communication software technology with nearly a decade of experience in developing and selling interactive TV-related platforms, solutions and services. Dreamer and Namsung America are affiliates under the Namsung Corporation umbrella of companies. For more information visit:

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