Gizmo Lovers Logo Finalists

Here are the finalists for the Gizmo Lovers logo contest. It wasn’t easy narrowing them down, and I want to thank everyone who submitted a design for participating in the contest. I’d like to get feedback from my readers on which designs they like, or dislike. I’ll take feed back through Friday, April 4, 2008, and then I’ll make my final decision on the winner over the weekend. I am leaning toward one design, but it is a close race, and I’m not going to give my opinions lest I taint the feedback. I’d also like this to be feedback based on the designs, which is why I’m not putting any names with the submissions. I’d also like to ask those who submitted the designs to please not lobby friends, etc, to leave feedback.

And note that the order of the submissions doesn’t mean anything, it was just how I happened to save them from the submission emails.

And now, the submissions:

Submission 1:

This submission also included a solid color version of the logo, which may be better for business cards and such, as well as a concept for the site banner. The banner would be transparent in the final version, so it would be white letters on the black background.
Logo favicon logo
Logo favicon logo banner

Submission 2:

This submission also included a solid color version for cards, and a banner concept.
logo favicon logo banner
logo favicon logo

Submission 3:

And a third submission with a solid color version and a banner concept.
logo favicon logo banner
logo favicon logo

Submission 4:

logo favicon
logo favicon

Submission 5:

logo favicon
logo favicon

Submission 6:

This one has a banner concept as well.
logo favicon
logo favicon banner

Submission 7:

This was one of the more original concepts. A final version would be transparent to work on white, etc, but the submission is just on black.
logo favicon banner

I may work with the winning designer to tweak the design for the site. Whatever I end up using will have a transparent background to work on black, white, or other colors – as I do intend to allow readers to set their colors. The contest is really primarily for the logo, secondarily the favicon. I may work with the designer on the banner concept as well if they’re willing. Some of the designers already submitted concepts, as you see.

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  • Alex

    I vote for number seven.

  • Anne

    I vote for #3

  • John

    I vote #6

  • Nick

    I vote number one, without the 3D gradient, and with the angles of the heart smoothed out a little.

    It’s bold and yet beautiful, and doesn’t compete with the rest of the site.

  • Nate L.

    I like submission 1 the best.

  • Phil

    I vote for 3,7,1. In that order.

  • Scarymike

    I personally like number 3.

  • Kathleen

    I’m sorry you didn’t like mine.

    Out of these, 3 is definitely my favorite.

  • Janet

    Number 7 stole my heart! You need originality and #7 gives it to you with a punch!

  • Brad

    I vote for number 3

  • Harvey

    I agree completely with Janet. Although Number 7 did not steal my heart (a young woman did that years ago) Number 7 does have the most originality.

  • Michelle

    I vote for number 7

  • Chris

    #7 most definitely. Keeps the feel of the TiVo Guy.

  • MegaZone

    Wow… I think you guys are actually making it harder. I’d like to know what you like, or dislike, about the designs that made you pick the one you did.

    I think that no matter what I go with some people are going to be unhappy with my choice.

  • Andrew

    #1 — and I agree it needs a few tweaks to clean up the heart edges

  • Jack

    No offense to the artists (because I couldn’t make anything that looks even half way decent), but I do not like any of the submissions. How about a HDTV (with legs and arms) sucking face with a Blu-Ray player. :-)

  • Glenn

    Number 3.

    I like the 3D, and I love the little banner ad. Very cool. I do like the tilted heart in number 6 though, so I might be inclined to tilt the heart at an angle, i.e. sometimes gadgets break my heart a little. Or something.

  • Justin

    Number 3 looks like the best to my eyes.

  • Stile

    Number 5 is alive.

  • Stile

    Ooops, sorry…I just noticed your post asking for what we liked or disliked.

    Well…1, 2, 3, and 6 are all pretty much the same. I honestly get the impression they were all submitted by one person trying to rig the election, so to speak. 4 is close enough to 1,2,3 and 6 to be cousins. That really boils down to three real entries, and out of the three, I prefer remote, robot, and gear in that order. When you say gizmo, any good gizmo is going to have a remote. A robot IS a gizmo (and may even have a remote), so gets a close second. As for the gears, they just make me think of Inspector Gadget…and he’s cool and all, but this is GIZMO Lovers, not GADGET Lovers.

  • Cory

    All interesting feedback so far. I think the reason they look so similar is that MZ provided some pretty specific ideas – for example, the G with the gears – in his original post. I think MZ can confirm that none of them are from that same person.

  • Kathi

    Number 7!!!

  • unteins

    I say #1.

    Step away from the computer screen, say 3-5 feet at least and I think it is the only one that reads cleanly from far away. I think that is a key component of any logo. If you want to use it on anything other than a website especially, it needs to read from a distance. I am picturing t-shirts and conventions, that sort of thing.

    I think the clever small banner ad design of #3 could easily be adapted to work with #1. None of the other designs has a the contrast and punch needed to be a solid logo in my opinion. I also don’t think any of the typography in the other entries is well matched to the logo.

    #1 seems to have gotten the basic concept of a bold, memorable logo and also nailed the fine details such as type that compliments the logo. The 3D effect looks good to me for the webpage, with the flat version being excellently suited to business cards, t-shirts, etc.

    #1 could use a bit of polish, but other than that, it is, in my opinion, head and shoulders above the others.

  • MegaZone

    Stile – 2&3 are by the same person and 4&5 are by another person, 1, 6, & 7 are all by different people. In other words, five different people created the seven entries I posted.

  • David

    I like 3 and 7. 3 stands out I think because of the 3D. But when it is by itself I think it might not look as good. It looks good next to all the other similar ones. I like 7 because it is cute and simple and memorable I think.

  • Scott Urman

    I vote for number 3. The 3-d effect is nifty.

  • Tony

    I like #3. Good 3D effect.

  • Paul

    I vote for #3. Good 3D effect. It is nifty.

  • Dot

    I like #7. The robot conveys the idea that the website will assist you in your TIVO tasks.

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