HD DVD Takes More Hits

Spanish distributor Tripictures has sided with Blu-ray. They’re the official Spanish distributor for New Line, and they’ll start their Blu-ray releases on February 20th with Hairspray, to be followed by Rush Hour 3 in March. From ZonaDVD via Blu-ray.com.

In another blow, Scandinavian retailer Hi-Fi Klubben announced that going forward they will no longer sell HD DVD. They’re putting their existing HD DVD stock on clearance to get rid of it and will be focusing exclusively on Blu-ray going forward. Hi-Fi Klubben via Blu-ray.com.

And Michael Bay is at it again, talking up Blu-ray and slamming HD DVD. Home Media Magazine reports:

“Blu-ray’s better, and I told everyone,” Bay said at the Visual Effects Society’s sixth annual award show, where he presented the award for animated character in a motion picture. “I was very vocal about it. I knew HD [DVD] was not going to make it.”

With HD DVD being edged out of competition by sheer volume of product moving to Blu-ray, Bay is all but gloating.

“Am I thrilled? It really wasn’t my fight, but remember what I said in the press? I was kind of saying HD [DVD]’s going to lose,” he said. “No one believed me.”

Bay has always been fairly vocal about his preference for Blu-ray over HD DVD, he has to be loving the recent developments. Via Blu-ray.com.

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