What’s In A Name? OCAP OpenCable Platform Tru2Way?

This feels like something out of Idiocracy. I guess CableLabs has decided that their current names don’t have that Web 2.0 zing, or something like that. What started out as the OpenCable Applications Platform, or OCAP, was renamed as just the OpenCable Platform in July. I suppose they dropped the ‘Applications’ because it really refers to the whole platform, not just the applications and the interface that runs them. Most of the industry seems to have shrugged and gone on using ‘OCAP’ (since you can actually say that – Oh-Cap – and ‘OCP’ doesn’t roll off the tongue) or just ‘OpenCable’.

Well, I guess that’s not catchy enough as a brand, because CED Magazine is reporting that the name is going to change again. They expect CableLabs to announce later this week that OpenCable Platform is being bumped off in favor of Tru2Way. The emphasis is on the cable platforms two-way communications capability. While that is something they have over satellite, FiOS and U-Verse also utilize two-way communication. Heck, FiOS is using many cable standards directly.

Whether the rumor is true or not, I’m just going to keep calling it OCAP. Just like I don’t use ‘Bonus View‘ when talking about Blu-ray Profile 1.1. I won’t feel like a moron that way.

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