Comcast Finally Deploying TiVo Software For General Customers

It seems that Comcast is finally letting the TiVo software out in the wild. Sure, there have been awkward statements about it running on some ‘non-employee’ boxes for a while and such – which very likely means ‘friends and family’ of Comcast employees. But now it looks like they’re actually making it available to general users. A comment from Kirby Files over at Zatz Not Funny, a Comcast cable user in Milton, MA, states that Comcast emailed him to let him know the TiVo software was now available. He’s already scheduled an exchange of his existing HD STB for a DVR with the TiVo software. The cost is indeed a $2.95 up-charge over their usual DVR fees. He’s paying an $18 ‘service visit’ fee to have it installed – but right now he doesn’t have their DVR, just a non-DVD HD STB. So I think that fee is mainly the cost of the box swap. Users who already have the non-TiVo DVR in their home should be able to get it without a visit, just a software update.

Comcast’s email, as posted by Kirby:

You asked to be the first to know. And we delivered. Comcast DVR with TiVo® service is now available in your neighborhood.

Comcast now has TiVo® service!

  • Comcast combines TiVo ease of use with Channel 1 On Demand—and gives you complete access to Comcast HD with tons of HD shows and movies.
  • Find and record your favorite shows with exclusive TiVo features like WishList® and Season Pass™.
  • Instantly search across television or through a library of thousands of shows and movies On Demand.
  • All in one box!

Learn more at

If you’ve also received the offer from Comcast, leave a comment or let me know. Especially if you’re in another town, it would be interesting to see how many towns are getting this now.

EDIT: Reader Jack sent me a tip that he’s also been offered the TiVo software in Newton, MA, and that an image if the Comcast email has been posted in the TiVoCommunity forums.

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  • Stephen

    Not (yet) in Seattle… *sigh*.

  • Mike

    Apparently not in Charleston, SC either.

  • teamcinnamon

    Not available in Philly. I just got off the phone with a rep who informed me that DVR service was available, but not Tivo software.

  • MegaZone

    The Comcast TiVo software roll-out is only in New England at this point, and seems to be clustered around Boston right now. Comcast has said that they’re going to roll it out in this territory first, and other areas of the country will only get it once the roll-out here is complete. And it will probably be territory by territory, so it could be a while for some areas. New England is Comcast’s single largest territory, so they started here. It is probably a safe bet that they’ll take them in order of decreasing size, to get the most return on the investment in deploying the software.

    And remember that, currently, the software only runs on Motorola DVRs. So if you live in a SciAtl Comcast territory, this software wouldn’t work for you. Comcast is funding TiVo’s work to port it to SciAtl currently, but that won’t be done until sometime in 2008.

    There is always the option of a TiVo Series3 or TiVo HD and CableCARD.

  • Keith

    Nice Post! Thanks For The Info..