SeasonPassGetter – TiVoToGo for Mac OS

I just caught this post over at TiVo Blog. Alex stumbled across a package called SeasonPassGetter, which is a free application for Mac OS that will transfer shows from a TiVo (via TiVoToGo), transcode them for an iPod, add them into iTunes, and even initiate an iPod sync as required.

SeasonPassGetter joins TiVoDecode Manager as a free alternative to the official commercial solutions Popcorn 3 and Toast 8 Titanium from Roxio.

See TiVo Blog’s post for some screen shots and Alex’s take on the software, since he has a Mac and I don’t. :-)

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  • Alex

    What are you waiting for MZ? Get a Mac :) .

  • megazone

    When the price isn’t a total rip-off, I may. ;-)

    Seriously, I think MacOS is a nice OS and if Apple sold it independent of their hardware I’d seriously consider running it. But I just can’t justify paying for Mac hardware – for the same money I can build a more powerful PC, or get the same performance for less. Plus I’m an AMD fanboy and Apple went Intel. ;-)

  • Alex

    I hear ya. I built my last PC but now I just don’t have the time….