Sling Media launches SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian Series 60

SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian on the Nokia N95

Yes, that’s right, even more Sling Media news. Following-up last night’s Slingbox SOLO announcement, this morning Sling announced the release of SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian Series 60 phones. Sling has had Symbian support for a while, but only through the mobile provider ’3′ in the UK. This new release is open to users of Series 60 devices on any network. In North America the official support is for the Nokia N95, N75, and E65 and overseas it is for the Nokia N95, N73, E65, and 6120. However, it may work on other Series 60 devices.

This standalone release also includes features not found in the 3 network version – WiFi support and a full-screen landscape mode. Check out the Sling press photos for examples: N75 portrait, N75 landscape, N95 portrait, and N95 landscape. I wasn’t able to try this out for myself, since I don’t have a Symbian phone. I really did consider picking up a Symbian phone just to try it – then I saw the prices. I’ll have to leave that to the sites with deeper pockets and stick with my Treo 680 and SlingPlayer Mobile for PalmOS.

The new Symbian client is available in the US for USD$29.99, Canada for CAD$34.99, and the UK for £19.99.

But before you drop coin on it – there’s more! Sling is working with Nokia to provide SlingPlayer Mobile to all US-purchased Nokia N95s – FREE!

And, as I was checking the site while writing this post, I noticed that Sling has made wide-spread changes to their website overnight. The downside is that some of the links in my old posts are broken now, but such is life on the web. The SOLO is now up on the site, as is this new Symbian SlingPlayer Mobile. Interestingly, the Slingbox Tuner is no longer on the site – except in the store. That’s the best evidence yet that it is being phased out and they’re just selling off the existing stock.

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