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Well, I really got behind in posting about site updates – there have been several changes since the last update post in June.

At the time I mentioned I was trying out FeedBurner – well, I’ve been extremely happy with it and I’m actively using it to track the site info. If you have a blog, I strongly encourage you to check it out – and hey, it is free. I’ll also toss in a recommendation for Google Analytics while I’m at it – I’ve been using that since I started the site. Before that even, as I’ve used it on other sites as well.

There have been a few WordPress updates as well as updates to several of the plug-ins I’m using, those have gone smoothly – as evidenced by it not being noticeable on the site. Oh, if you’re doing a global search and replace on your database, be sure to back it up first. If you don’t, it is kind of a pain to write SQL to undo your mess. Not that I’d know, of course. I’m just sayin’…

There is some new content – the TiVo HD review and photos were posted, of course, and the Series3 FAQ is now the Series3 and TiVo HD FAQ, and has been updated accordingly. That will be an ongoing process – and while I’m thinking of it, I think I need to update it to reflect 8.1.7c2. I’ve also updated my Season Pass list a few times since the last update.

I’ve also added more ways to support the site by shopping through the site’s affiliate links. Now you can donate TiVo Rewards points, shop the TiVo Lovers Store, watch Amazon Unbox downloads, shop, shop, shop, shop, shop, shop, shop, shop, sign up for One True Media, shop the Amazon TiVo Store, or buy paid time for the LJ community.

I like using affiliate programs because they’re win-win as far as I’m concerned. You, the reader, can use them to purchase things you’d buy anyway, and the site benefits from referral bonus for the sale. And sometimes they offer special discounts via the affiliate programs, which I’ll be sure to share with you. I’m especially happy to finally have the site participating in TiVo’s affiliate program for sales directly through I am selective about which affiliate programs I’ll use on the site. I’ve limited to vendors and resellers most directly related to the content of the site (TiVo, Sling, and Palm and associated products) since I want to stay targeted and not just shotgun all kinds of links at you. Roxio, of course, offers Popcorn 3 and Toast 8 for the Mac, and Easy Media Creator 10 for Windows, all with TiVoToGo support. And One True Media makes it easy to share photos and home movies with friends and family who use TiVo. The links in the upper-right of the site have been updated to reflect these additions. Of course, you can buy anything from the vendors and still support the site, it doesn’t have to be directly related. (So keep that in mind when you’re doing your holiday shopping. ;-) )

Thank you for reading and supporting the site, and I hope I can continue to provide content to keep you coming back.

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