Deals, Deals, Deals…

There are a few deals out there right now.

First of all, the $200 rebate on the original Series3 kicked in on Sunday. You can grab the PDF here. To support the site you can purchase a Series3 via these links from (including expanded units),,, or also has a special Slingbox PRO and Sling HD Connect Cable Bundle for $189.99! That’s less than the MSRP of the Slingbox Pro alone – which is $229.99. The HD Connect lists for $49.99. That’s a really good deal, and the Slingbox Pro is a great companion for the TiVo Series3 or TiVo HD. (Amazon lists the Slingbox Pro for $198.00 and the HD Connect for $39.99, just as an example of what you’d normally pay.)

Continuing the deals, they have the 80-hour single-tuner Series2 for just $139. What’s so special about that? There is currently a $170 rebate on that box! That’s right, buy it and make $31! Sure, it isn’t dual-tuner or high-definition, but if you just have analog cable or are looking for an additional TiVo for the bedroom, etc, it isn’t a bad deal. And remember MRV is coming to the S3 and HD in November and you’ll be able to transfer SD content to this box over the network. (But no HD content.)

And, if you really want the dual-tuners, has the 80-hour dual-tuner Series2DT for $219.99 With a $150 rebate that’s $69.99. With shipping it is $85.64 – which happens to be the same price as (including shipping). So either one.

And if you plan to connect any TiVo using WiFi, be sure to pick up the TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter.

If you pick up a new TiVo, using TiVo Lovers as your TiVo Rewards referrer is always appreciated.

Thanks to TiVo Blog for the tip on the $31 S2 deal.

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