Another channel joins TiVoCast – JETSET

Man, TiVo is on a roll. Director of TiVoCast Operations, E. Stephen Mack, just announced another addition to TiVoCast: JETSET. JETSET is about Internet pop culture, targeting young adults.

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I checked out the most recent episode on their site. Not really my thing, maybe I’m just too old. :-) But it did make me wonder – is there any video blog from the past week or so that is not being sponsored by the Jet Li / Jason Statham movie War? I swear every TiVoCast I’ve watched lately has been sponsored by that movie. (Which I saw on Sunday – not great, but not bad. Standard action movie fare. I also saw Stardust on Sunday – and that I highly recommend. The closest thing I can compare it to is The Princess Bride – but not quite. I saw it mainly because Neil Gaiman wrote it, but I’m glad I did. OK, that’s a tangent…)

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  • Stephen Mack

    Bear in mind the seven newest channels launched (Channel Frederator, Fast Lane Daily, Pulp Secret, Veracifier, Indy Mogul, Treadbanger, JETSET) all come to us via Next New Networks, and all of their episodes this week were sponsored by War.

  • megazone

    Ah, that makes sense. :-)