TiVo HD receives another update: 8.1.7b2

TiVo HD units are receiving another software update today, moving from 8.1.7b1 to 8.1.7b2

If you have a TiVo HD, check your Messages & Settings -> Settings -> Phone & Network screen. If it says ‘Pending Restart’ then your box has the new software. If not, then ‘Connect to the TiVo service now’ and it should download it. Once it says ‘Pending Restart’ go to Messages & Settings -> Restart or Reset System -> Restart the TiVo HD DVR to force a reboot, and it will install the software.

You don’t have to do this – it will automatically download it the next time it calls home. Then install it at the next 2AM window after that. This just helps you get it faster.

No word on just what it is – but it is a safe bet it is meant to help address the macroblocking issues. However, doing a spot check of my unit with the new software I’ve seen a couple quick flashes of macroblocking, but it does seem to be greatly reduced from the previous version. I’m not seeing the regular, severe macroblocking I was seeing before. First impression is that this is a real improvement. I’d love to hear what other people think and how much improvement you’re seeing.

I dropped an email to TiVo to see if they have an official statement on this update.

EDIT: TiVo responded to my email by referring me to a post on TiVoCommunity.com from TiVoPony:

As promised, here’s an update on TiVo HD.

We’re releasing a new software update later today for TiVoHD, you should see this download to your DVR over the next day or two. While our original update resolved issues for many people, this new update addresses some of the additional macroblocking issues people have reported.

Please continue to post and let us know if your issues persist following the upgrade (you can also post if your problems go away). :-)

We will continue to work through any additional issues that are uncovered. We appreciate your patience, as well as the valuable feedback you’ve all provided.


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  • Hank

    Hey Megazone-

    Received the update last night… Not much if any improvement on my HD or digital channels…. But menus seem snappier/less sluggish…

    Right after the update installed, I was getting a lot of audio drops, and stuttering video, but that has seemed to clear up quite a bit.

    On a lark, I popped a splitter on my line, just to test if maybe my signal strength was too strong– but it made no difference as far as I could tell (unscientific I know…)

    Hopefully this is not the last of the “Macroblocking updates”

  • Joe (Chimpware)

    Seems to be still an issue for SA SCard users, who were the ones with the most severe issues. Tivo has really made a mess of the Tivo HD introduction. Cable card based systems are difficult enough with the poor support from teh Cable companies without Tivo adding to the problems with a buggy product with poor tech. support that originally insisted to many that the problems were either Cabel Card or Signal related.

  • http://www.gizmolovers.com/ megazone

    I’m an SA SCard user and, as I said, it seems to be a big improvement for me.

  • brermike

    I have 2 Motorolla SCards and my problem has been fixed. I wasn’t having as severe an issue as other users, but the intermitant pixelation (1-5 times per hour) has vanished completely. I hope they can resolve the issue for the rest of the users still experiencing the problem. I was pleased with how fast they are rolling out the updates – shows they are trying to fix the problem.

  • mkauzer

    I had an SA S-card that would not respond. Update fixed it. Pixelation still there.