Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics for Blu-ray and HD DVD

Videophiles are likely familiar with Video Essentials and Digital Video Essentials – informational releases that were also useful for calibrating home theater setups. Well, Joe Kane, the man behind those products, has produced Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics for the high-definition user, and it is being released on both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD.

The DVD Acquisition and Development Group, Inc., the parent company of DVD International (DVDI), announces the release of Joe Kane Productions’ Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics on HD DVD and Blu-ray disc. Designed to benefit HDTV novices and aficionados alike, HD Basics has been created by Joe Kane, one of this country’s leading HD experts, designers and consultants. The comprehensive disc provides easy-to-use calibration tests and setup instructions for getting the most out of your HDTV set and offers valuable background information on today’s high definition systems. HD Basics is the successor to the popular Video Essentials and Digital Video Essentials. The HD DVD and Blu-ray versions of HD Basics will be available starting October 30, 2007, and will each retail for $29.95.

This should be a valuable tool for anyone looking to get the most out of their high-definition home theater. I plan to pick up the Blu-ray version.

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