Spartans prefer Blu-ray 2 to 1 over HD DVD

On July 31st, Warner Bros. released ’300′ on both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc, and it became the fastest selling high-definition disc title to date. Warner reports than over 250,000 high-def copies of the film were sold in the first week. Most interestingly, USA Today reports that the BD version is outselling the HD DVD version roughly 65% to 35%. It is hard to argue with the same film released on the same date, with BD outselling HD DVD roughly 2:1. Going into this holiday season there will be a number of blockbuster releases hitting BD, with more content coming to BD than HD DVD. (Spotted via

And, in other Blu-ray news, two new independent Blu-ray plants have come online – one in the US and one in Europe. Blue Ray Technologies in Spokane, WA is now pressing BD. It is the first BD plant independently owned and operated in the US, and it will cater to independent studios and directors. And Infodisc of Germany is also preparing to press BD. They will be the first independent BD manufacturer in Europe.

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  • Dave Zatz

    All the folks with HD DVD players were on vacation that last week, they’ll make their purchases soon. ;) What’s going to complicate this thing is the global market – it seems the growing divide may not be as clear in Europe?

  • megazone

    Before the release a lot of HD DVD supports were talking about ’300′ as HD DVD’s ‘comeback’ title, that since the HD DVD version has some interactive features the BD version doesn’t have, it was going to take the world by storm and show up BD. Oops. ;-)

    BD is winning, strongly, in Japan – even more so than in the US.

    In Europe neither format has set the world on fire, but Blu-ray has been in the lead and seems to be picking up faster than HD DVD. BD also leads in Australia and New Zealand.

    I think there is one event that would decisively end the war – if Universal dropped their HD DVD exclusivity and released content on BD. Once that happens, it is over – there is no reason to buy HD DVD after that

    There are other events that would have a major impact and *possibly* end the war, forcing Universal’s hand. Such as a major retailer, like Wal*Mart and/or Best Buy, deciding to back Blu-ray exclusively. Warner and/or Paramount dropping HD DVD and supporting BD exclusively. Someone releasing a sub-$300 BD player for the holidays, defeating any price advantage.

    But I don’t think any of those big moves are likely – except perhaps the sub-$300 player. I have some hope that some vendor, probably Sony, will push out a low-end box to compete with Toshiba’s low-end HD DVD deck.

    I do think Universal will crack eventually, as they have a responsibility to their shareholders and they’re watching the competition make more money on hi-def releases due to the larger market for BD. They’re single-handedly supporting the HD DVD market – they *are* the long pole in the tent. Which is why I’m sure the rest of the HD DVD camp will do everything in their power to keep Universal releasing only HD DVD. Toshiba absolutely needs Universal – but Universal doesn’t need Toshiba.