TiVo HD news roundup

There has been a lot of news and discussion about the TiVo HD in the past day, here’s a round-up of posts:

My own, of course:
- TiVo HD Press Release
- TiVo HD one-sheet scans
- TiVo HD announcement post
- TiVo HD Review
- TiVo HD Photos
- My post about the July 4th near-leak
- The leak discovered on July 17th

Other sites:
- ZatzNotFunny
- DVRPlayground
- PVRBlog
- PVR Wire @ TV Squad
- TiVoBlog
- WeaKnees
- Ars Technica
- Gizmodo
- EngadgetHD, and their Q&A with TiVo’s Jim Denney
- Engadget
- The Gadgetress
- PC World
- PC Magazine
- CNET (includes video)
- Business Week
- Washington Post
- Multichannel News
- Reuters UK
- San Francisco Chronicle
- BetaNews
- Electronista
- Information Week
- The Motley Fool
- Slashdot
- DailyTech
- xchange online
- The Utility Belt
And many, many more…

Both WeaKnees and DVRupgrade are already offering the TiVo HD for pre-order. Both the basic 160GB unit for $299, as well as expanded units, up to 1TB. It looks like DVRUpgrade has better pricing on the larger models. You can also pre-order the basic box directly from TiVo or from Best Buy or Circuit City.

As always, if you activate a new TiVo, I appreciate the TiVo Rewards Referral points.

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