July 4th Series 3 Lite leak images

Series3 Lite small image
Sorry I didn’t get to this last night, but following up on the first picture leak and yesterday’s additional leak, these are screen captures and images I grabbed back on July 4th when I first found the leak.

Some of these images are a little bit large, just so you know. The above image is a small image of the unit I found on Amazon, this is a larger version, also from Amazon. And this is a very large version of the image. I’m only linking that one because of the size. I got that from Amazon’s ‘zoom’ viewer. It was actually six images tiled that I assembled into one image. I think it looks pretty good.

These two screens are captured from Amazon. I would take everything on all of these screens with a grain of salt. Clearly this information went up before it was supposed to, and has since been pulled – I mean, the first available date is September 14, 2004screen one, screen two.

And these are shots from other sites that had pages up: EdByDesign, SPME, AmbientWeather, bNotions, Epinions, MayberryLane, and TelevisionSteals.

Not really any new information compared to what’s already been posted, but I thought capturing these for posterity would be nice. You can still find many of these pages in Google’s Cache. Just a little tease while we all wait for the official word from TiVo on the TCD652160.

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