Pictures of the new ‘Series3 Lite’ leaked

Spy photo of S3 lite Tom Rogers, TiVo’s CEO, first announced that TiVo was working on a less expensive high definition product during their quarterly conference call in March.

Third, we came out of the holiday season with the full attention of our retail partners focused on the important role that TiVo can play in their goal to offer bundles of High Definition television products and services to consumers. We will be highly focused this year on launching a lower-priced, mass appeal High Definition product.

It looks like development is well underway, as Gizmodo has a gallery of ‘spy photos’ of the new box. It looks very different from the original Series3, but there is no way to tell if this is the final design or a development model – or even fake. But it is a good fake if it is. The unit has two CableCARD slots – moved to the lower front, behind a door, which should make installation easier. That also indicates it is still a dual-tuner.

On the back, it appears to have the same connections as the original Series3, but the layout has changed. So this does not appear to be the same hardware as today’s S3. The remote isn’t pictured, but the tipster who sent Gizmodo the photos indicates it is not the ‘Glo’ remote that comes with the S3.

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  • Michael Maggard

    TiVo–RCA called, they want their design from 1974 back…