Some non-TiVo HD news

PRWeek is reporting that TiVo has retained ad firm Ruder Finn for their consumer marketing.

Forbes is reporting that Kaufman Bros. analyst Todd Mitchell switched his ‘Sell’ rating on TiVo to ‘Buy’, and lifted his 12-month target price to $9 from $5. This appears to be based primarily on the coming launch of TiVo’s OCAP software on the Comcast network and from the growth in TiVo’s advertising business.

And there is an interesting tidbit in a Movieweb article on CBS’s new Eye-alert system. Eye-alert will alert uses via cell phone, email, or other means when a program is going to start later than its planned time slot. This is the interesting part:

You’ll get buzzed at 6:30 on a Sunday night or 7:15, and you’ll know exactly when your favorites shows are on. I will also say we’re working with TiVo because one of the big complaints from DVR owners is that they missed the shows because you were set up to record the show at 8 o’clock, and it doesn’t come on until 8:27 on a Sunday because of football delay. We’re working with the technicians at TiVo to develop a system that you can register and the TiVo signal will be re-programmed for you. So that’s out there in the future, but we’re working on that to that bring that along. So that’s what we have.

I could see this being tied into TiVo’s online scheduling system, and broadband connected TiVo’s could receive these last minute alerts and adjust their recording schedule.

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