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Five free Blu-ray site is live

The previously posted promotional site www.blueraysavings.com is now up. It clarifies some things and introduces a new restriction – the 21 available titles are divided into five groups, and you have to pick just one from each category. The qualifying … Continue reading

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Unbox 2.0 Beta Release

A beta of version 2.0 of the Amazon Unbox PC client is now available. Download it here. According to the Amazon Unbox Blog: Key features of the new version of the Amazon Unbox Video Player include: A fresh, new look: … Continue reading

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The GPLv3 was released today – is TiVo doomed?

Yep, the GNU General Public License, version 3, was released today. The GPL is the license that governs a large proportion of open source projects, under its (until today) current v2 form. This includes the Linux kernel. Of course, one … Continue reading

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Is Netflix still working on Yet Another Box?

There have been on-again, off-again rumors for a long time now that Netflix is working on their own set-top box to handle electronic movie rentals. These were reheated after their partnership with TiVo apparently flamed out. Now Engadget is reporting … Continue reading

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Another Amazon Unbox 99-cent rental sale

OK, it looks like this is something Amazon Unbox is going to do every weekend – they did it last weekend too, but I forgot to post, sorry. This week it is Night at the Museum, Epic Movie: Unrated, Casino … Continue reading

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