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Win a TiVo Series 3

Gizmodo is running a contest in which you can win a TiVo Series 3. Just thought I’d call it to your attention. (Aside: I just got back from seeing Live Free or Die Hard with some co-workers… Yippee Ki Yay!)

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New TiVoCast: Vegas on Demand

E. Stephen Mack, Director of TiVoCast Operations, today announced via his blog that another channel has been added to TiVoCast: Vegas on Demand. Vegas on Demand is from the same folks who provide Player’s Network content. This one focuses more … Continue reading

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Five free Blu-ray discs with the purchase of a player

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) is ramping up their efforts to promote the format. Previous promotions with free titles have been fairly successful, so they’re making an even broader push now. If you purchase any Blu-ray player, including the PS3, … Continue reading

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CBS 5 and Sling Media Partner to Deliver Live, Remote, On-the-Go Broadcasts for Viewers

Sling Media today issued a press release relating to their partnership with their local CBS channel, CBS 5 KPIX-TV. KPIX utilizes Slingbox technology combined with 3G cellular data connections and remote cameras to provide remote images from locations around the … Continue reading

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AT&T U-verse DVR vs. Comcast with TiVo

Dwight Silverman of the Houston Chronicle has reviewed the AT&T U-verse service, in which he compares the DVR with his TiVo on the Comcast cable service. While U-verse had some good points, in the end the TiVo carries the day … Continue reading

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