AT&T U-verse DVR vs. Comcast with TiVo

Dwight Silverman of the Houston Chronicle has reviewed the AT&T U-verse service, in which he compares the DVR with his TiVo on the Comcast cable service. While U-verse had some good points, in the end the TiVo carries the day – for now.

The combination of Comcast and TiVo suits me better, so I’ll stay put for now. But U-verse’s potential is great, and I could easily see myself becoming a customer in the future.

I’ll take a look again at Version 2.0.

Check out his full review.

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  • ms

    My hubby just started working with UVerse…in those areas where fiber optics are laid and people can now get AT T advanced TV and wifi internet. So…..I am really anxious to hear what people think. What would be the pros and cons to you – to make a change (features (which?), cost, sign of the times, clarity – I would appreciate your input so we know what he will come in contact with and how he can be effective. Thx.

  • Jake

    STAY away from U-verse>>> the techs are overworked and under trained>>>the sales team is completely worthless>>>>>and it runs off of Microsoft???? Have you ever heard of such a large network running Windows platforms??? “please reboot now , and it might work”

  • Gryphon

    Dude, what is with your punctuation? I haven’t seen so many greater-thans since high school algebra.

  • MartyinLA

    As an 8 year Tivo user, after my Tivo died I hooked up with the Uverse because it did not require a 2 year commitment, and thought I could always go back to Directv/Tivo when (and if) it comes out in 2010. BUT, so far, I’m becoming a HUGE Uverse fan. The install did take an entire day (9-4) by one tech. But this thing is great! The picture quality is phenominal, I can record 4 shows at once and even do it remotely using a free iPhone app. And, I can view my dvr shows from any Uverse wired unit in the house. SWEET! It is a bit clunkier than Tivo, but I am happier than I thought I could be because of these added features and reasonable price. And so is my non-believer partner. Its a no brainer, free install, no commitment and a huge HD dvr with no fees or commitments. Take that Directv!