The iPhone Cometh!

So, yeah, the iPhone streets this Friday, June 29th. Every tech blog under the sun has covered it to hell and back, so I thought I should join the chorus… Only I really don’t care. I’m a classic early adopter – I got my old Treo 650 the day they hit stores. Heck, I got my old, old, old digital StarTac the day they hit Verizon stores too. I picked up my Pioneer DVR-810H DVD-RW TiVo early on, and snapped up the Series3 right away. I’m a geek and I like gadgets, no question. But the iPhone doesn’t do it for me.

It is pretty and all, and I like shiny things, but I just don’t think it looks like a good device overall. My Treo 680 looks better for email, documents, etc. And my 60GB iPod can actually hold my music collection – unlike the iPhone. I started with a 20GB iPod, and that was too frustrating to deal with – juggling my music and never having the song I wanted loaded, so I got the 60GB to carry my entire collection all the time. No way in hell will I go down to 4/8GB. I’d love to see them release an iPod with that interface, and a 60-80GB drive – I’d buy that immediately.

I do too much email on my phone and typing on the screen is a turn off. Reports that have been leaking out seem to confirm that it isn’t great for a lot of text input, and it doesn’t even have haptics for feedback. I don’t know how well it does IMAPS with folder support for my corporate email – it’d have to be at least as good as Chatter Email. I couldn’t care less about YouTube on my phone – but no SlingPlayer Mobile is a big issue for me. My most used application is AvantGo – and it doesn’t look like iPhone has something like that. My Treo has the same data connection, so there is no advantage there – and the Treo has SD expansion.

In short, the iPhone costs too much and does too little for me to be at all interested in it. I’m sure it will sell like gangbusters because of all of the inescapable hype. I feel like something is wrong with me for not drooling over the iPhone like everyone else, but there it is.

And that’s probably going to be the extent of my iPhone coverage. :-)

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  • Dave Zatz

    Us outcasts need to stick together. ;) It looks like a pretty sweet device but the text entry mechanism kills it for me more than anything else. The price stings as well.