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The fourth, and supposedly final, email from arrived today. Honestly, the subject line makes me think of Sling Media more than TiVo. ;-) (A cute touch – the banner header on the four emails are the four TiVo colors – red, gren, yellow, and purple-ish.)

TiVo’s email:

 TiVodoes it all,
so you can have it all.
Choose your TiVo® box + service plan.

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It’s not TiVo, unless it’s a TiVo®.

Here’s why TiVo is the only thing you need to watch what you want, when you want, no matter where you are:

Season Pass™ recordings – Get every episode of all your favorite shows, even if the schedule changes – minus the repeats.
WishList® searches – Got a favorite actor? A special interest or hobby? TiVo will comb the TV listings for you to find and record the shows that match your interests.
Online Scheduling – Stuck at the office? Across the country? Schedule recordings anywhere, any time at
TiVoToGo™ transfers – Easily transfer recordings to your laptop or portable device so you can watch them anywhere.
TiVo® KidZone – Make TV safe for the whole family. Parent-approved, fun for kids. Now included at no additional cost to you.
Digital Photos & Music, podcasts and more – Connect your TiVo® box to your home network and view digital photos on your TV screen, stream Internet radio stations through your home entertainment system, buy movie tickets from your couch and much more!

“TiVo handles the details so we don’t have to.”

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