PalmOS SlingPlayer Beta 2 released

The second public beta of the Palm OS SlingPlayer Mobile client was released today. The first public beta was released back on March 28th. The new release fixes a number of issues reported on the first beta, as well as updating the software with new keyboard shortcuts, additional remote control commands, and more. The full list of changes, and the download, are available on Sling Media’s Palm OS beta 2 page.

Official support has been extended to the new 755p, as well as the 700p. While the 650 and 680 are not officially supported, I can report that the software works just fine on both as long as there is a decent EDGE connection available. Also, the software now works on the 650 without requiring the installation of Kinoma Player. The new beta also includes a Windows installer which will automatically configure your Treo with the Slingbox information from your desktop Slingplayer. (There is also a simple PRC for Mac users and users who prefer not to use the installer.) It is also reported to work on the Palm TX and LifeDrive using WiFi, though it has not been optimized for those devices.

If you have a Slingbox and a Palm Treo (or TX/LifeDrive) check this out, good stuff. If you don’t have a Slingbox, consider getting one.

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