Well, that was fast – Galleon 2.3.1 and 2.4 Alpha available

Just yesterday I shared the news that John Kohl was picking up the reins on Galleon from Leon Nicholls. I didn’t expect to see results for a little while, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Both 2.3.1 and 2.4.0-alpha are available for download now. This is the first update to Galleon since 2.3.0 was release on April 15, 2006, over a year ago.

John explained the two releases in a forum post:

2.3.1 is just 2.3.0 with some internal cleanups.
The windows build is missing winamp skin files (sorry about that)
Please kick the tires and report anything that broke vs. 2.3.0

2.4.0 alpha is a branch that introduces HD support.
See release notes for known problems, report anything else.

Release Notes:

Version 2.4.0 alpha:
HD application support. Try out HD photos!
Local forecast page added to weather.
Known problems:
* tracker on music in HD is goofy
* galleon skins in HD don’t cover screen–use tivo skins
* lots of layout glitches in HD
* HD menu highlights are too big for text

Version 2.3.1:
Upgraded open-source components to mostly current versions
Use track title instead of file name for “Music” listings
Published modified Bananas library
Switched to build with Java 1.5

*** Please send in bug reports if there are any problems with things
that work fine in 2.3.0. This release should not behave any
differently ***

I picked this up via TiVoBlog.

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