Lifetime transfers for the Series3 still going on

According to this post on the WeaKnees Blog, TiVo is still transferring lifetime subscriptions for new Series3 buyers, despite the offer officially having ended. WeaKnees is offering a deal wherein they will email you the TSN of the S3 when you purchase, so you can call TiVo and do the transfer. If TiVo won’t do it, they cancel the order and the charge to you, so there is no risk.

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  • fzzl

    I’m so glad that I rushed to beat the original deadline and, in so doing, paid top dollar for my S3! That’ll learn me! Time to update my profile with a “donkeys-ass” gif.

    Hee Haw!

  • megazone

    It isn’t like prices have come down dramatically. You can get them for around $600 now, and before the end of last year there were online places selling them for close to that. Before the offer expired, Dell even had one deal where they dropped to $515, shipped.

    Any company has the right to extend a deal or to change policies, or to run a new promotion. TiVo is coming out with a lower priced HD box later this year – they could offer lifetime transfers to that box too.

    As I said when the S3 came out, no one should buy it if they’d have any regrets about the cost.

  • fzzl

    All kidding aside: I have absolutely no regrets buying my S3 when I did. Sure, I had the usual run in with cable cards and the mp4 decoder bug which prevented me from getting certain digital channels however since the latest service update it has been behaving flawlessly!