Slingbox gets some press

Seems like the Slingbox is suddenly a topic for the business press.

International Herald Tribune: Technologies like Slingbox AV from Sling Media (, $179.99) allow travelers to control their home cable TV, DVR or satellite box and watch TV or record shows with a laptop or hand-held device. You can watch your local news, programs or movies on your satellite box or TiVo episodes via a PC in your hotel room or through a Windows Mobile-based phone (like the Motorola Q or Samsung BlackJack) or Windows Mobile- or Palm-based device. With a broadband connection for your computer or an unlimited-type Internet plan for your phone or palmtop device, you can watch your home TV, but you can’t raid the fridge. The Slingbox from Sling Media ($180-$250) does exactly what you want. It’s a small box that connects to a DVR or set-top box and your network and streams the output from the device to the Sling Player software on a computer or handheld, either on your local network or out to the Internet. It uses IR blasters to emulate the remote control of your TiVo or cable box.

I have a Slingbox Pro and it is probably my second favorite gadget, after my Series3.

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