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Convince Brian Lam of Gizmodo to buy a Series3

Brian Lam, one of the writers for Gizmodo is getting a bit of a tax refund, and is trying to decide between using it on a Dell 24″ LCD monitor for working, or a TiVo Series3 for play – so … Continue reading

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Reminder – Five days left to claim your free $15 Amazon Unbox credit!

It is Wednesday, April 25th – and you have until Monday, April 30th to register your TiVo(s) for Amazon Unbox and receive a credit for $15 in free downloads. There is no risk, no commitment, etc – if you have … Continue reading

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Suggestions for the TiVo Lovers Store?

The last post got me thinking about the TiVo Lovers Store, which is an Amazon aStore. Right now it has three categories of items: TiVo Hardware, TiVo Related Books, and Sling Media Hardware. The TiVo Hardware section has the TiVo … Continue reading

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Free TiVo Deals

It looks like the remaining stock of single-tuner Series2 units is being blown out, effectively for free. Since the S2DT and S3 are out, who would want a single-tuner S2? Well, the S2 supports NTSC antenna, while the S2DT does … Continue reading

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