What do you get when you combine Firefox, Greasemonkey, NetFlix, and TiVo?

An easy way to record shows in your NetFlix queue.

As a geek, I love things like this! Seeing technology combine and produce new systems is fantastic to me. I love it when systems come together in mash-ups like this and produce something neat. Basically this is a script that runs in the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox that automatically looks at titles in your Netflix queue and searches from them on TiVo Central Online. If it finds them, it adds a link next to the title on the Netflix queue so you can have TiVo record it instead. Like so: Screenshot Then you can drop the title from your queue and get something else.

I picked this up from PVR Wire @ TV Squad.

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  • chancelot

    that’s VERY cool

  • scarymike

    Agreed. As long as you have HBO and those types of channels. Getting the “Edited for TV” version just doesn’t do it for me. :)

  • ninaf

    Does this work on series 3 also? How about Mac?

  • ninaf

    oh wait, is it using online schedule and stuff? hmm I would think it would work then. Long day… can’t think.

  • megazone

    Yes, it works for the S3. And Greasemonkey works on any Firefox platform.

  • anonymous

    What ever happened to the Netflix deal with TiVo? Is that gone?

  • megazone

    Yeah, that deal seems to have died. NetFlix was never able to negotiate deals for the rights needed. Even today, with their streaming service that just launched, the content is all 2nd tier or worse – not mainstream content. TiVo has done a deal with Amazon to download Unbox videos directly to TiVos instead, and that will be out soon.