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GRHS Technologies TiVo HME application for HomeSeer home automation system

I love seeing different applications like this one. Basically they’ve created an HME application that allows users of the HomeSeer home automation system to control devices in their home from their TiVo. It looks like it was released in December. … Continue reading

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Series3 PROM Hack

This is not for the inexperienced. Engadget is reporting that user Narf54321 on the forums has done a successful S3 PROM Hack. For the non-geeks, the PROM is the Programmable Read Only Memory chip on the motherboard of the … Continue reading

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Blogging as disintermediation

E. Stephen Mack, TiVo’s Director of TiVoCast Operations, has a great entry in his personal blog about corporations and their interaction with the blogosphere, and more. I’m in violent agreement with everything he said. Blogging has really changed how corporations … Continue reading

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NDS Announces Peer-to-Peer Content Sharing and Distributed-DVR Capabilities, Lowering Costs for IPTV

NDS, the leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV, today announced two new product enhancements of Synamedia Metro, the NDS IPTV middleware solution. Distributed-DVR and ShareTV are two patent pending product features which will deliver even more benefit to … Continue reading

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AOL is killing off PVRWire

PVRWire is one of the best PVR-related blog sites on the net, hands down – so, of course, parent company AOL is shutting it down January 31st They hint that they may live on in some form, perhaps under a … Continue reading

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