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TiVo at the 17th Annual Entertainment, Media & Telecommunications Conference

TiVo presented this afternoon, here in Vegas, and the webcast is up. He opened with a bad joke, that, with the expanded storage in the Series3, “What stays in TiVo, stays in TiVo.” Ah, location based humor. Anyway – nothing … Continue reading

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TiVo News #97: Find & record great documentaries in ’07

TiVo’s latest newsletter…

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My Comcast photos on Flickr & Digg

William A Higgins III reformatted my TiVo Comcast photos a bit and posted them on Flickr (with my permission): standard, detailed, and slide show. They’ve also been Dugg.

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TiVo for Comcast and Cox – and a brief summary of other things

I’ll have more to say later, but I wanted to toss out a few key points before I crash for a bit. The biggest issue is that, contrary to what most of us believed previously, this software *is* running on … Continue reading

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CES 2007 TiVo Photos

OK, I finally sorted through all the photos I’d taken, selected those worth posting, and uploaded them: http://www.gizmolovers.com/Photos/CES2007/ Sorry it took so long. After I made that teaser post my plans unexpectedly changed. A friend I haven’t seen in over … Continue reading

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