CES 2007 TiVo Photos

OK, I finally sorted through all the photos I’d taken, selected those worth posting, and uploaded them: http://www.gizmolovers.com/Photos/CES2007/

Sorry it took so long. After I made that teaser post my plans unexpectedly changed. A friend I haven’t seen in over three years is in town for CES too, and he called me to see if I wanted to meet up for dinner. Then, while I was getting ready, he called back to see if I was up for seeing Penn & Teller. Well, gee… ;-) We ended up second row, and he was yanked out of the audience to be part of the opening trick. So, sorry, but I have no regrets. ;-)

A text post explaining the photos, and more, to follow. Maybe after some sleep – I’m still up.

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  • stark0228

    You might want to post this link in the Comcast-Tivo thread at TCF:


  • megazone

    Feel free to do so – since I’m behind on TCF right now I can’t visit it at all of the software will decide to mark everything as read for me, I hate that.

  • ninaf

    That interface looks way too much like the MSFT DVR I had from comcast. It brings back bad memories. That might just be because it says comcast on it.

  • mhaithaca

    Thanks for the pics!

    I like that To Do List format… especially the Won’t Record section. I’ve often wished the TiVo interface had a better way of telling me (more proactively) what problems were coming up in the next couple of days.

  • shadoh

    agreed! nifty!