AOL is killing off PVRWire

PVRWire is one of the best PVR-related blog sites on the net, hands down – so, of course, parent company AOL is shutting it down January 31st They hint that they may live on in some form, perhaps under a new name at a new host. I hope so, they do a great job of covering the PVR industry. has been very quiet for a while. and have been the best sources of broad coverage. And is good for TiVo focus. I’ll hate to see PVRWire go away.

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  • anonymous

    Hey there – as a current writer for PVR Wire my understanding is that there will be no PVR niche site to replace us. Rather Engadget will be filling in some of the void left behind, but it won’t post PVR news at the same depth or frequency as we did.

    Thank’s for you support for the site. If nothing else it’s nice to hear that we will be missed.

    Matt Crape – PVR Wire writer.

  • megazone

    I liked PVRWire because of the focus. Engadget is a good site – but it is like drinking from the fire hose. There are just too many posts a day to keep track of them all, on top of all the other sources I read. I guess I’ll need to figure out how to setup an RSS feed for specific tags so I can track only their PVR news. :-)

    I will miss PVRWire. I was hoping you’d land at some new blog site or something and continue.