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What do you get when you combine Firefox, Greasemonkey, NetFlix, and TiVo?

An easy way to record shows in your NetFlix queue. As a geek, I love things like this! Seeing technology combine and produce new systems is fantastic to me. I love it when systems come together in mash-ups like this … Continue reading

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TiVoCast launches on Series3 units

Now that 8.1.1 has rolled out to the Series3 units, TiVoCast has been enabled for those users.

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Some interesting press for TiVo in Variety, and more

A little press for TiVo KidZone. The article is mainly about the FCC and Congress and their Quixotic posturing about violence on TV, with the suggestion that DVRs, such as TiVo, and software like KidZone is a much better solution … Continue reading

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