A TiVo Tour video

There was recently a TiVo promo about careers at TiVo which included a tour given by TiVo Shanan – and now she’s posted it on YouTube.

Hmm, makes me want to clean up my resume… :-)

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  • chancelot

    yeah, I watched it last night. Looks like a fun place to work

  • sterlingphoenix

    So, what’s Shanan’s real job at TiVo?

    And I think they should’ve hired Mandy Patinkin to play the CEO.

  • megazone

    That is the real CEO. :-)

    I’m not sure what Shanan’s job title is off-hand, but she is basically the public voice of TiVo. I think she’s in marketing communications – she edits the newsletter, does all the promo videos, works at shows, etc.

  • sterlingphoenix

    Yeah, I know it’s the real CEO. That’s exactly why they should’ve hired Mandy Patinkin (;

    So it’s like “Hi, I’m Shanan and I’m a real TiVo employee! My job is to be in this video!!!” ?

  • unteins

    I think it must be her job to wear that hat, because, really, would you wear that hat in public if you weren’t getting paid to?

  • sterlingphoenix

    Well, I would, but I’m hardly an example.

  • megazone

    Shanan is cool and has a quirky sense of style, I like it. I wouldn’t wear the hat – but then, I think it’d look pretty silly on me – being a 6’6″, 400# guy. Oh her I think it works.