TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), the creator of and a leader in television services for digital video recorders (DVRs), in partnership with Roxio, a division of Sonic Solutions (NASDAQ: SNIC), the leaders in digital media software announced today the highly anticipated availability of TiVoToGoâ„¢ for the Macintosh platform. Through Toast® 8 Titanium, Roxio’s industry-leading Mac disc burning software, TiVo subscribers with broadband connected TiVo® Series2â„¢ DVRs will now be able to transfer their recorded shows to watch on their Mac, burn to a DVD, and enjoy on portable devices such as iPod® or PSPâ„¢.

Here’s the official press release – with several more to follow. I’m up and will be heading out to the LVCC in a short while. The halls open at 10AM and I plan to hit TiVo first. I’m also planning to hit Moxi and Sling, otherwise it is mainly wandering and looking for interesting stuff.

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  • chi_radparker

    Wow, you post a lot to this community.

  • megazone

    1. I’m the community owner.
    2. CES is a source of a lot of news each year, so there is always a huge spike in posts in early January.

    This is kind of a combination TiVo-related blog and community. I try to bring all the TiVo related news here so that people can get it in one place and not have to look all over the net – like I do. :-)

  • chi_radparker

    I hear ya, and it’s definitely your call. I’ve given up on reading though, because I can’t keep up with the volume.

  • megazone

    It’ll go down again once the CES wave breaks.

  • watermelon80

    That’s great news for the Mac owners. But, I do must wonder if it was rushed out the door in response to tivodecode?

    Now, a burning question that I have for the powers that be at Tivo that the TiVo community has had for a long while: When will the closed captioning from the Tivo files from a Series 2 540 be accessible for playback in a TTG environment? I’ve been stuck with watching DVD’s on planes. It’d be nice to watch TiVo’ed stuff instead. :) I’m starting to think that Sling might be an acceptable supplement as long as it can maintain the caption data during transcoding.

  • buran

    Are you also hard of hearing? I asked this question last night and have no answer. Hopefully we’ll get one today.

  • buran

    I placed an order for Toast 8 today here at work (we’re a Mac lab, we use Toast nearly every day) after reading about the other new features. Blu-ray will be great for us in the future when the prices come down and if Macs can use the discs in the future (although I imagine that we can just buy new external drives til laptops have the drives built in) since we generate A LOT of data. But at $20 a disc and no hardware support built in yet we may yet end up waiting. It’s Universal now but that’s not a huge deal, though, since Toast 7 is also and that’s what we have now. But the cataloging may be useful (although we already use DiskTracker for that) and the built-in Lightscribe will be great for labeling disks since we have Lightscribe burners …

    I do still have my series 2 lying around so I’ll probably poke at that to see if TTG works, but until it has captions AND works on my main box (PLEASE ASK about the captions!) I won’t use it much.

  • watermelon80

    Yes, I am hard of hearing as well.

    The only answers that I’m aware of are of the following:
    1) No, CC cannot be displayed on TTG (from TiVo)
    2) Use an external decoder cable box to caption everything and use TiVo to change the channel on the external decoder. (from TivoCommunity)

    From what I learned from lots of reading on TivoCommunity’s website, the earlier Series 2 (240′s), it was possible to use T2SAMI to get the caption data. For the later series 2 (540′s), it’s not possible to use T2SAMI as the caption data was encrypted/encoded with some bit transformation going on behind the scenes.

    I love Tivo and think it’s great, but the lack of captioning in TTG has been my only point of frustration with tivo. If they can resolve it, I’d be in Tivo heaven/bliss. :)

  • anonymous

    >> But, I do must wonder if it was rushed out
    >> the door in response to tivodecode?

    Had nothing to do with this release, plans and development were already well under way.


  • unteins

    This is a joke and I hope Jim Denney gets a nasty hangover drinking himself unconcious in an attempt to deal with the load of bull**** he has to vomit up everyday for Tivo.

    Now, through our joint alliance with Roxio, we are able to answer that strong demand by delivering TiVoToGo to the Mac platform

    Deliver what? Tivo delivered squat, Roxio delivered a bill, what did Tivo owners with Macs get? Nothing but a kick in the teeth. I’d be happier if they just kept lying and saying they were going to get us TTG for real.

  • megazone

    TiVo did work on this, as I said in my other reply, they provided the Transfer app, and contributed to the others. It was a joint project, not just farmed out to Sonic. And, even if they did, they still delivered a solution. Clearly you’re not happy with what they delivered, but that’s just how it is. They said there would be a solution, and there is. They would have preferred to work with Apple and integrate with the iLife apps and QuickTime, but Apple just wasn’t interested. If Apple had participated things probably would’ve turned out very different.

    While you may not like it, a lot of Mac users in TiVo’s booth were very positive about it. I was sitting at a table in the booth right by the Mac and a stream of people were coming through, talking about how cool it was. And a number of them were saying they’d already gone out and ordered it from Roxio’s site Monday morning. Clearly it has an audience.