Roxio TiVoToGo Update

Roxio has a page up for their MacWorld specials: There are two Toast 8 bundles involving TiVo – one with Toast and a TiVo Glo remote for $89.99 and one with Toast, a Glo Remote, and TiVo WiFi adapter for $119.00 is also live now – but it just redirects to the TiVoToGo page, which now covers Mac too. No sign of the software being available on They link to – but that page gives a 404 currently.

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  • unteins

    It is good to know that Tivo is encouraging piracy.

    First Mac users have to crack DRM to watch the Tivo files, now they have to crack Toast to get something that should be free.

    I just don’t get what Tivo was thinking and I really don’t understand how they can have the gall to call this a solution. Its a scam to line Sonic’s pockets and a blanket admission that Tivo lacks the competence to create a Mac solution.

  • megazone

    Because they didn’t give people a free solution they’re encouraging piracy? Bullshit. If someone is going to pirate, then that’s their choice and their moral flaw, not TiVo’s. No one is entitled to free entertainment, if you can’t afford it, you go without. There are many things I’d love to see, and I could get for free from BitTorent, etc, and I don’t – because I don’t support piracy.

    Do I strip DRM? Yep. But that’s not piracy. I legally own the media. It may be a violation of the DMCA and/or a user agreement (TiVo or iTunes), but I don’t distribute the content or download pirated content.

    I wouldn’t count on TiVo Decode working indefinitely.

    TiVo could create a Mac solution, but felt the resources it would take – hiring the developers, etc – were better spent elsewhere for the company. That’s business.