A quick update

Memo to self, eat breakfast before going to the show… I’ve been in the TiVo booth for ~6 hours talking to people, and I haven’t had food or drink yet today, I need to correct that soon. Anyway, I have a bunch of photos and info to post, which I’ll do a little later. I need to evacuate the TiVo booth for a private reception they’re doing, but I just wanted to tease and say that the Comcast TiVo software looks *very* nice indeed. And I played with the Roxio Toast software and it looks pretty solid too. Speaking of that – FatWallet.com has some discounts. You can get Toast for $51.14 shipped, after rebate – so about half price.

OK – food and drink and I’ll be uploading my photos and posting later.

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  • anonymous

    Thanks for the “tease”. First report I’ve read of any kind about how the Tivo Comcast port looks. Please don’t get hooked into playing Keno while dining! ;-) …we’re waiting for your pictures and update!

  • megazone

    Sorry, my evening took an unexpected turn. A friend of mine, who I haven’t seen for three years or so, is in town for CES as well and we decided to get dinner. Then he asked if I wanted to see Penn & Teller…

    We did – second row, and he got pulled up on stage for the opening bit.

    I apologize, but, c’mon, Penn & Teller. :-)