New low price on the Series3

I just received this tip from a kind TiVo fan. is selling it for $637.48. The lowest I’ve seen it previously was $650.

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  • starjewel

    To be fair, it’s $659.81 I believe, after paying for ground shipping. Still not bad in comparison.

  • rogueonion_8

    Hmmm… Now I must decide if I should buy it or keep waiting for a lower price. :)

  • tmesser

    I’m still waiting for it to hit the $500 mark.

  • rogueonion_8

    Oh, yah, quick question. Since this Tivo Series3 is being sold via a retailer I would be able to get the multi-Tivo discount, correct?

  • megazone


  • anonymous

    I’ve been told that TIVO is waiting for certification from CableLabs before they will allow the Series 3 to connect to other Tivos (notable Series 2) or to PCs. My box runs on two separate cards and from your post it sounds like that is already “certified”. My question is, what “certification” are they waiting for and what’s taking so long. Tivo has made a big deal out of box inter-connectivity and when I plunked down my $1000 (the $800 for the box and $200 for the lifetime exchange off my Series 2) I never dreamed that I would be getting a crippled product.

  • megazone

    The Series3 is certified by CableLabs as a CableCARD Host Device.

    However, this currently precludes being allowed to use MRV, TTG, or the eSATA port. Basically, you can’t move video off the box. (And probably, to keep things simple, they haven’t enabled moving video *to* the box yet.)

    This is a condition of being allowed to use CableCARD. CableLabs controls the requirements and they can impose limitations like this. At this time *no* CableCARD device is allowed to do things like TTG/MRV. TiVo is working with CableLabs to convince them that TTG/MRV is not a piracy risk for cable content, which is their main concern, and therefore to allow the features to be activated. Since this is new ground for CableLabs, it may take a while – and it is possible that they will simply never give their permission and the features will never be enabled.