TiVo Statement on Decision by U.S. Court of Appeals to Stay Permanent Injunction Issued by District

TiVo Inc. (Nasdaq: TIVO), the creator of and leader in television services for digital video recorders (DVR), today announced that U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit granted the request of EchoStar Communications Corp. (“ECC”) to stay the permanent injunction imposed by the U.S. District Court to prevent ECC from making, using, offering for sale or selling in the United States the DVR products involved in the case (DP-501, DP-508, DP-510, DP-721, DP-921, DP-522, DP-625, DP-942, and all EchoStar DVRs that are not more than colorably different from any of these products) pending the outcome of ECC’s appeal.

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  • anonymous

    Do you know the status on the TiVo/Dish lawsuit? There is rumor around that Dish is going under and will be bought out by DirectTV due to the lawsuit.
    Do you know anything new in that department? I work for Dish and was just interested. Because of course they tell us nothing!

  • megazone

    Papers are still flying back and forth as the appeals process churns forward. I don’t think Dish is in danger of going under. As for being acquired by DirecTV – Dish and DirecTV tried to merge a few years back, and the government said no way, because it would be a monopoly. But we’ll have to see if they allow the XM+Sirius merger. If that goes through, it could signal a change in government opinion.