Did anyone host or attend a TiVo House Party?

The TiVo House Party was this weekend – anyone out there host or attend one? How was it?

The House Party promo is online. Not a bad deal – An 80-hour S2 for $14.95/month or an 80-hour S2DT for $30 + $14.95/month, both with a one year commitment. The one year deal is normally $19.95/month, so that’s a $60 savings off the standard TiVo.com bundle.

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  • mhaithaca

    Yeah, I hosted a low-key TiVo Tasting House Party. I thought TiVo didn’t do a great job of clearly explaining how it would work from the beginning. I didn’t need them to send me chips and soda for a crowd, but I certainly got the impression they were providing “goodies” of some sort to give away.

    There was some neat stuff recorded to my TiVo, though far more than I expected… a few hours’ worth. I think it’s why I could no longer undelete last week’s “House” for a friend this weekend. Ah well. :-) And they sent it all to both of my TiVos even though I only provided one TSN. Weird.

  • trinsf

    Yeah, the promo material seemed to suggest they were gonna send goodies or something.

  • artemis908

    Did they send you anything besides recordings?

  • mhaithaca

    A couple of e-mails, including one about the offer described above, but other than that, no. Nothing physical arrived.

  • unteins

    I would have gone to one but it wa cancelled because Tivo didn’t give any incventive to hold it.

    Really, how much do stickers cost?